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Spool Tables got More Creative

I LOVE workshops. So much creativity in one room.

We have had 12 spool tables made so far and not one of them has been the same. Some are light some are dark. Some have flowers and some have bears. It’s always interesting to see people try new things or try new styles.

In our last workshop one of our creators wasn’t sure what she wanted. As we all do, she went on good old Pinterest and looked for inspiration. She found a couple of spool tables she liked but tis one was her first favorite.

Now to figure out the best wat to get this effect.

After a few test pieces here is what we (she figured it out “we” had nothing to do with it) got.

Here she goes!!!

The finished table. It suits her perfectly and she will enjoy it for many years.

What do you think? Will you try this technique on something?

Creating a Seasonal Garland

While browsing around a local craft store my daughter and I saw the beautiful Fall garland with orange and fall flower fabric. We both thought it looked nice but at the same time… could we make our own seasonal decor garland?

Right around the next corner was this amazing wired ribbon with pink pumpkins and gold sparkle! That was all I needed to see, I was going to make my own seasonal garland in my unique color scheme. I already had the pink strip fabric and the neutral muslin fabric, i just needed a fall accent. Not one for much traditional orange I roamed my fabric store and found the stunning dark green.

With all my fabric picked out it was time to dive in.

I started by ripping my fabric into strips. I decided to do the strips the same width as the ribbon and the green accent 1/2 an inch wider. This was a personal choice, you can do any combination that works for you or works for your fabric.

Next was how long to make each piece for tying. I cut the ribbon and fabrics in 6 inch lengths. At some points I wished I had gone a bit longer but it all worked out in the end.

I removed the wire from the ribbon. Again this was just my preference. You could leave the wire in and use it to direct your bows the way you want them to stand. I wanted a very shabby look which is why I ripped the fabric as well. I like the frayed look. I you don’t prefer that look you can cut your fabric and it will look a bit tidier.

Next I created a look in the twine for hanging later and started tying fabric on the twine. I chose to do mine in a pattern and just kept adding on fabric until it was the length I wanted. I then created another loop on the end of the twine and I was done.

I was very happy with how this turned out. If you got you fabric all ready you could make this while watching a movie in the evening and have a beautiful garland for your seasonal decor.

Let me know if you make one and share a picture of yours! I would love to see them.

Happy Crafting