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Our new H2O Transfers are printed design transfers that can be applied onto a surface with water. Our H2O Transfers are user-friendly, require less effort, and are so simple to apply on a wide variety of surfaces, including wood, metal, glass, plastic, ceramics, and more.

Four easy steps to use these products: 
1. Peel off film and lay your H2O Transfer® on the prepared surface. (Try on wood, canvas, clay, glass, porcelain, paper, concrete, plastic, and so many more surfaces! Always test first.)
2. Add water over grey design on the paper backing, burnish to remove air bubbles, and let sit for up to three minutes.
3. Peel off paper backing to reveal the beautiful design.
4. Seal the H2O Transfer® if used on wood or other highly-used surfaces with one of the following sealers. We always recommend testing first.
  • Annie Sloan Clear Wax
  • Wise Owl Wax or Sealer
  • Cottage Paint Satin Varnish
  • Mud Paint Clear Coat and Clear Wax
  • Fusion Clear Coat
  • Paint Couture Top Coats in Satin and Flat
  • Clear Topcoat from Fusion
  • Water-Based Polycrylic from Minwax


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