Cottage Paint


Cottage Paint chalk paint

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This is the think-outside-the-box product; the creative paint! Expression is perfect for layering and combining our different products to achieve unique results. Get creative: paint lampshades, trays, mason jars and anything your heart desires!

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237ml, 946ml


Marshmellow, Cottage White, Cloudy Day, Full Moon, Drift Wood, Spring Blossom, lilac, Buttercup, Chickadee, Monarch, Firefly, Lichen, Forest Shadow, Sunfish, Blue Jay, Trickling Brook, Dragonfly, Lake side, Blue Berry, Blue Heron, Wildberry, Aurora Lights, Sunset, Lily Pad, Campfire, Cranberry, Beaver Tail, Old Warf, Burnt Embers, Grey Fox, Anchor, Charcoal, Twilight, Horned Owl, Early Dawn


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